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Grail Administration

Fields of activity of the Grail Administration

The Grail Administration Vomperberg belongs to the Bernhardt estate. The workers employed there are employees of the Bernhardt company. The Grail Administration is responsible for the administration of the Grail Settlement as well as for the external running of the Hours of Worship and the Grail Festivals.

The Grail Festivals on the Grail Settlement take place three times a year and, with the majority of the participants being foreign, the organisation as regards the bookings of accommodation, which are dealt with by the employees of the Grail Administration, incurs a good deal of time and effort.

The Grail Administration is also active for the Grail Festivals that are held outside the Grail Settlement. A close working together between the Grail Administration and the facilities of the Grail Movement in the various countries, forms a helpful basis for the preparation of such Grail Festivals.

The Grail Administration Vomperberg keeps a record of those persons who participate in Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals. A prerequisite for participation in the Hours of Worship and the Grail Festivals is that a request to attend be made personally, by the individual readers and adherents of the Grail Message. Whilst within reasonable limits the Grail Administration is prepared to assist and give guidance verbally or in writing to readers and adherents.

The Grail Administration is financed through income received by the Bernhardt company in the form of fees which are collected to cover expenses for events, as well as through donations from individuals and organisations for the support of the activities of the Grail Administration. Another field of activity has to do with the conducting of funerals for readers and adherents of the Grail Message. Owing to the fact that generally these persons wish for a funeral in the sense of the Grail Message, it has become necessary for the Grail Administration Vomperberg to appoint celebrants in the various countries, who conduct such Grail Funerals. The residents of the Grail Settlement find their last place of rest in the small cemetery in the forest.

The activity of the Grail Administration Vomperberg extends to many countries of the earth, whereby there is collaboration, coordination or administration only at the request of the persons living in these countries.