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Grail Administration

Origin of the Grail Administration

In the year 1928, Oskar Ernst Bernhardt moved up to Vomperberg in the Tyrol with his family. From 1923, Oskar Ernst Bernhardt published lectures from his Grail Message under the name Abd-ru-shin. His first lectures were made available to the reader by way of booklets, entitled “Gralsblätter” (“Grail Leaflets”). Consequently, in 1926, the book “In the Light of Truth – the New Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin was published. With the publication in 1931 the word “New” was removed from the title. At the time when Oskar Ernst Bernhardt moved to Vomperberg, there were just a few farmhouses and a former hunting lodge which then became the residence of the Bernhardt family.

Even at the beginning, the work “In the Light of Truth” the Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin had a considerable resonance in German-speaking regions and some of the readers harboured the wish to be permitted to live in close proximity to Abd-ru-shin. It became necessary to build residential houses and other facilities on Vomperberg, thus the Grail Settlement gradually came into existence. A Hall was constructed both for the Sunday Hours of Worship and the Grail Festivals which were conducted by Abd-ru-shin.

The Grail Administration came into existence for the administration of the existing facilities as well as for the coordination of its needs. The international activities of the Grail Administration started simultaneously. In the meantime, the Grail Message was translated into various languages and it became necessary to have a facility which assisted Abd-ru-shin in managing the questions asked. Up until March 1938, Oskar Ernst Bernhardt was the director of the Grail Administration in all matters.

Right at the beginning of the occupation of Austria by Hitler’s Germany, Oskar Ernst Bernhardt was arrested and the Grail Settlement along with the personal belongings of the Bernhardt family were confiscated and later expropriated. In view of the fact that it was not possible to prove that Oskar Ernst Bernhardt had committed an offence, he was released after some months. However, he was no longer permitted to go back to the Grail Settlement Vomperberg. He and his family found accommodation in East Germany, with people who had received a new meaning to life through the Grail Message.

The work “In the Light of Truth” the Grail Message which summons individuals to independently examine all events and to take personal responsibility for their own actions, was prohibited in Hitler’s Germany and Abd-ru-shin was not allowed to publish further lectures.

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt died on 6th December 1941.

After the Second World War, it was possible for Maria Bernhardt, the widow of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, to go back to the Grail Settlement Vomperberg together with her children. The expropriation was lifted and Maria Bernhardt became the owner of the Grail Settlement. At the same time the Grail Administration Vomperberg resumed its activities.

Maria Bernhardt was succeeded by her son, Alexander Bernhardt, who took over the leadership of the Grail Administration, and he was succeeded by his sister, Irmingard Bernhardt. Since 1990, the Grail Administration is being run by Siegfried Bernhardt.