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Grail Administration

An institution in the mountains of the Tyrol

On the motorway through the Tyrolean Inn Valley, almost halfway between Kufstein and Innsbruck, there are the exits for Schwaz and Vomp. One can get to Vomp from either exit. In the village square of Vomp there is a signpost for Vomperberg. This road leads up the mountain through the forest and comes to a fork in the road. A signpost that reads “Grals-Siedlung” (“Grail Settlement”) points to the right and this road leads eastwards further on up the mountain. At the top, on a high plateau the forest ends and the view changes to that of a farming area with some farmhouses. Further on again, the road leads to the “Alpengasthaus Weberhof” and the adjoining guesthouses. The “Alpengasthaus Weberhof” together with the guesthouses form part of the Grail Settlement and belong to the same estate as the Grail Administration and its owner. Beyond the “Alpengasthaus Weberhof”, the road leads to a crossing. Here on the left hand side are two buildings which are partially used for agriculture. On the right, a little further up, is a small house and behind it a long hall with a Bell Tower. This hall serves as the Hall of Worship and Festival Hall for the adherents of the Grail Message. This building is cared for by the Grail Administration.

To the left from the crossing, the road leads up a hill where, on the left hand side, in the form of a pyramid, is the burial ground of Abd-ru-shin, whilst on the right hand side there is a residential building. Immediately after this residential building and to its right is the entrance to the Grail Settlement. Immediately after turning into the entrance and to the left is the biggest building above whose entrance are the words “Allezeit Gerechtigkeit” (“Justice at all times”). In this building, sharing the same management and offices, are the headquarters of both the Grail Administration Vomperberg and the Alexander Bernhardt Publishing House. Here, the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin, as well as books connected with the Grail Message are available for sale.

Near the building of the Grail Administration stand residential buildings as well as workshops, garages and a small Riding School with a Riding Hall. Most of these buildings, which can also be referred to as the actual “Grail Settlement Vomperberg”, are of timber construction and were built in the twenties and thirties of the last century. Their architecture reflects a purposeful design. The residents of the Grail Settlement presently number 60 and are of all ages ranging from babies to pensioners. The employees of the Grail Administration live on the Grail Settlement. The Grail Administration forms the centre of the Settlement. It is open to the public during regular office hours on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays the office hours are limited.