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International Grail Movement

What effects does the International Grail Movement have
on readers and adherents of the Grail Message?

In addition to the activities already mentioned, the “International Grail Movement” offers assistance to the reader and adherent of the Grail Message by organising topic-related meetings and arranging suitable facilities in which to hold them. Participation in such meetings is, for each individual, an entirely voluntary decision. The exchange of ideas from person to person is the principal feature, whereby the independence of the individual is positively enhanced. Principally it is adults who are addressed and the choice of topics reflects this. Programmes for children and youths are organised according to age. In this way the importance of a just and responsible way of life is brought closer to the participant. With this in mind, the Laws of Nature, which present themselves as remaining constant throughout the whole of creation, are the central theme; as also are the earth lives and working of the great leaders of mankind, who prepared their people for the true recognition of God.

In its statements the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” consolidates the teachings of Christ as given to mankind by Him, 2000 years ago. In its appropriate choice of words, as well as through the shedding of light on man’s way of life, which is often in contradiction today, the Grail Message stands in stark contrast to many aspects of some of the teachings of the churches. This leads to the Grail Movement often being regarded as a sect.
However, the “International Grail Movement” is in no way to be regarded as a sect. Every affiliation to a sect is vehemently rejected in the statements of the Grail Message. Furthermore, the background of the “International Grail Movement” which is founded on complete freedom and the personal responsibility of the individual, as explained in the Grail Message, is devoid of any premise that could justify the reproach of its being a sect. According to the statements of Abd-ru-shin, the “International Grail Movement” connected as it is with the Grail Administration Vomperberg stands opposed to the formation of a sect and is known to distance itself from this.