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International Grail Movement

Gralswerk and the International Grail Movement
in collaboration with the Grail Administration

For the readers and adherents of the Grail Message, the headquarters of the Grail Administration on Vomperberg in Tirol is of great importance. Vomperberg and more so the Grail Settlement with its Hall of Worship, which is simultaneously a Festival Hall, Abd-ru-shin’s Pyramid and also the Grail Administration, all anchor Abd-ru-shin’s working in a special way. This gives the location a predominant position from whence the “International Grail Movement” also finds its origin. People from various parts of the earth travel to the Grail Festivals on Vomperberg.

Because “Gralswerk” and the Grail Administration Vomperberg need a guiding structure, it is only to be expected that this structure takes its directives from the Grail Administration Vomperberg. Also keeping in mind that the Grail Administration, as a helping institution, was created by Abd-ru-shin himself, represents his will in the Grail Happening.

The person responsible for the Grail Administration Vomperberg is, at the same time, also the leader of the “International Grail Movement”.

In the various countries it was necessary to give the Grail Movement an additional legal status. Thus came into being, the foundations, associations or enterprises (Gralswerk), which support the goals of the “International Grail Movement”.

Some of these foundations and associations are not working in unison with the Grail Administration Vomperberg and the “International Grail Movement”. With some, a separation exists owing to the fact that today their goals no longer accord with the prerequisites established by Abd-ru-shin.